Officina Musicale

Association for the promotion
of violin making art, of music, of art

Founded in Brescia (Italy) on January 2001 thanks to the enterprise of a team of professionals, “Officina Musicale” promotes musical and artistic meetings, exhibitions, conferences and festivals. It pays special attention in bringing Lombard and Venetian cultural background out, although not exclusively, either about historical richness or contemporaneity.

Because of its history and tradition, the city of Brescia has been the ideal set up to start Officina’s project off. The mix of violin making art, music, architecture and figurative arts from XVI and XVII Centuries, as well as on the following and current ones, offers significant hints to go into scientific and divulgative matters, so that it might involve not only researchers or specialists, but also various people.


In Italy:
Via V. Paitone 57 – 25122 Brescia, Italy – Tel. +39-030-3774975

In France:
14, Rue Richelieu – 92230 Gennevilliers, France – Tel. +33-1-47994593

Members and partners

  • Marco Bizzarini
    researcher at the University of Padua, musicologist, author of important studies, papers and books about music and history
  • Filippo Fasser
    violin maker
  • Ugo Orlandi
    Musician, researcher, soloist, mandolin teacher at the conservatoire in Padua
  • Carlo Fasser
  • Antonio Gardoni
  • Jan Bartos
    violin maker
  • Eric Blot
    violin maker, expert and author of fundamental works about the history of violin making art, he has been the president of the scientific committee of the exhibition “Stefano Scarampella, music and violin making art in Brescia in the 19th century”.
  • Giovanna Chittò
    violin maker
  • Bruno Costardi
    violin maker
  • Bertrand Delisle
    violin maker
  • Antoine Laulhère
    violin maker
  • Laura Vigato
    violin maker